Should you visit Japan or Korea (if you had to chose)???

Hello World!!

Today I’m doing a final review of my Japan and Korea trip (July 4th-July 24th, 2015!!

After days of blogging and telling you about my days in details, I am making an ultimate decision on which location I liked better (not which country is better, because that is not for me to say) during the time I was there for my particular personality.

In my opinion the top 5 things that stood out to me were:

  1. Japanese toilets had so many functions making me feel less embarrassed and cleaner if I did #1 or #2.
  2. Everything in Japan was very expensive.
  3. Korean food (especially their meats) from chicken wings to BBQ to chicken and rice was so good!
  4. Japanese people as a whole are very calm and quiet.
  5. Korea had lots of really good hustlers selling things on the street and in malls.

If it were up to me, I think JAPAN is better to visit!!!!

Of course Korea will always have a special place in my heart because I studied there during my college years, but Japan fascinated me more and I chose it over Korea this time.

For in depth photos on my travels please visit these links:
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Japan Day 2: A night in Tokyo
Japan Day 3: Bathrooms and Raw Fish Galore
Japan Day 4: Shopping and dressing up as a Japanese Girl
Japan Day 5: Good luck fountain, Japanese BBQ and Deers!
Japan Day 6: Shopping- hello cute Japanese cartoons! & Takoyaki
Japan Day 7: America vs. Japan List
Japan Day 8: Many people and the Ferris Wheel
Japan Day 9: Universal Studios- Top 5 Rides!

Korea Day 1: Missing
Korea Day 2: Making Kimbop
Korea Day 3: Love-bug & Famous Village
Korea Day 4: Cute Park & Nanta
Korea Day 5: The War Museum
Korea Day 6: Grand Hyatt Seoul and Shopping
Korea Day 7: Insadong
Korea Day 8: Korea University
Korea Day 9: Tokyo Airport

Until the next adventure!

Travel with me,
Charismatic Cherie<3



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Review on the Cruise- Carnival Pride: 7 days, 6 nights.

Dear all,

Yes, it is that time of year again. You are ready to take a vacation! But you do not want to spend so much money, and yet you want to go abroad. Why not to the Caribbean or Bahamas through a cruise?!  

I just experienced it and so can you! In this post I will describe the pros and cons of a cruise and even some unspoken, but truly helpful tips, just for reading! #viewfrommybalconysuite


  1. Someone will clean up your kids or even you, regardless of your age (once in the morning and once before bed). So have a wild night in your room and it’ll be okay! Just remember to be kind of quiet so your neighbors who aren’t as cool can still relax in their room. :) #quietpartyinroom8196
  2. It typically costs less than $800/$1000 to have fun on a cruise, which can be up to a thousand dollars cheaper than flying to Europe.
  3. You will not have to worry about food, which is all inclusive, that can range from fast food to three-star fine dining on the daily.
  4. If you care about your cardio, you can workout (treadmills, weights, and weight machines) every day.
  5. There is a casino incase you have lots of money you would like to gamble away or make into an investment. #goodluck
  6. There are many single people events (i.e. even LGBT events!)
  7. Try new things (mini golf, comedy shows, karaoke, towel folding lessons, jewelry shopping, and even arts and crafts).
  8.  Constant professional photographers will be all around you to make your time there a memorable one.


  1. Every photo bought is over $15.00. You’ll like at least 4-10 photos.
  2. You might get sea sick. I was the first day- but that is because we passed a storm. [[TIP: Patches behind the ear that last 3 days helped!]]
  3. It takes a long time to get to your room- up to an hour and a half- so get there early for check-in! [[FUN FACT: If you’re very old over 75+ or handicap, then it only takes 30 minutes.]]
  4. Toys to play with in the water are really expensive. [[TIP: Bring your own floating devices]]
  5. Might get sunburned. [[TIP: Sunscreen of at least SPF 45/50.]]
  6. Expensive souvenirs. [[TIP: Buy from the locals if possible. Some bargaining is okay.]]
  7. Some ports only have a beach, and if you do not like to tan, or lay in beaches, that could be an issue. [[FORTUNATELY: Good thing you came on a ship and can hangout there.]]
  8. You only get about 5-6 hours off the ship per day on land. If you prefer to relax somewhere for longer, or a quiet place to yourself, you might want to just fly to an island in the Caribbean and rent out a house. [[TIP: If you like huts, and just some time to yourself, you can rent mini houses along certain beaches for a few hundred dollars! Just remember to book in advance.]]

For further details of MY FIRST CRUISE TRIP, visit my Travel blog:
Day 1: Check-in (Photos of my room, food, and more!).
Day 2 & 3: Sea days.
Day 4: Grand Turk/ Turks and Caicos.
Day 5: Half Moon Cay.
Day 6: Nassau.
Day 7. Last sea day.
Day 8. Check out.

And any more questions, feel free to reach out to me!

For other travel insights (i.e. backpacking across Europe) feel feel to visit my travel blog at:

Charismatic C. :)

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Ramen Co. –Wall Street

Coworker treated! Maybe for good Friday?!



The ambiance was fast food, the service was like that of a new but rising company, and the food was made at a mediocre rate. The customer service was  great though and the employees asked us how it was after we ate. 

Would I go there again? I would try it once more but ultimately go to only the most famous ramen burger place. I question if it is the staple food I would like to represent. 

Rating: 6.7/10

Until my next food travels! 

Charismatic Cherie:)

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Mission GMDJ!

Dear World,

As you may know through my New Years Resolution, which I actually started in December 2014 is to Get My Dream Job (GMDJ)!

All my life, well at least the beginning portion, but no regrets, I spent it doing things I liked, sort of did not like and really not liking. The stressed outweighed the relaxing moments. Not to say it was not all worth it, because I now appreciate life in a whole different light.

With me being at a checkpoint in my life, I’d like to be more efficient at attaining my dream job goal and documenting it for you (and even my future kids).

Please enjoy- read on your way to work, before breakfast or even as your daily read at the toilet. Whatever it may be, I hope to inspire you as you inspire me by reading this.

Some things I have already done:
1. Dec. 26, 2014:
-Connected with my daycare best-friend Yin Chan on her life and being in a tech startup as a software engineer.

2. Dec. 27, 2017:
-Saw Steve Forbes of Forbes Magazine at the Hyatt hotel in NYC. Did not get to speak with him but greeted him and realize how I encounter successful people daily. We all do!
-Opened up another credit card (BOA) to build up credit.

3. Dec. 29, 2014:
-Went to a networking mixer. Met two people in tech companies (one in Amazon who has a phd in Electrical Engineering).

4. Jan. 1, 2015:
-Contacted Amazon guy.
-Applied to some jobs.
-Got some references.
-Waiting. TBD.

5. Jan. 8, 2015:
-Attended Orientation for NYC startup business plans.

6. Jan. 16, 2015:
-Applied to and referred to a small startup company (DramaFever) for marketing by my friend from Ballet classes’ sister.

7. Jan. 21, 2015:
-Connected with tech guy in a startup from Dec. 29, 2014 mixer. Thanks Joe (who was at the event) for his card! He gave me some tech tips I’ll share with you shortly!

8. Jan. 24, 2015:
-Met Steve who works at Ebay. Did not inquire about jobs but noticed he was very inquisitive, focused, spontaneous and able to adapt easily. Great traits to have to be a great leader!

9. Jan. 26, 2015:
-Phone interview with Drama Fever. I think I did well.

And those are the things I’ve done so far. Will be moving forward with point 7 shortly (looking up tech companies), following up with point 4 (Amazon reference) , and waiting on point 9 (the interview). I also have another orientation for the startup (point 5).

Hope you enjoy this read and my journey. Feel free to join me!

Best regards,

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Happy New Year 2015!

Dear all,

It is a little late, but not too late to celebrate the “new year.” Besides, your life does not ever really start when it is January 1 anyway (unless that’s your birthday). It can realistically start any day, physically from the day of birth, but mentally growing always or even maturing late into life (mid 30s, 40s and 50s), and spiritually grounded well into your wiser years. In any case, 2015 has just begun and for those of you who believe in New Years Resolutions (even though I believe in goals throughout the years no matter the day), here are mine:

1. Find a marketing job in a tech company.
2. Blog diligently about my experience in the process of finding my path so others (in my shoes) may see how life is amazing and great if one sticks to her goals, or help out if already successful and have pointers. :-)
3. Do cardio 5 days a week.
4. Reach 25/50 states.
5. Learn coding skills- html, python.
6. Complete a business plan.

Wish me good luck!!

Best regards,
Cherie 💫

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