Mission GMDJ!

Dear World,

As you may know through my New Years Resolution, which I actually started in December 2014 is to Get My Dream Job (GMDJ)!

All my life, well at least the beginning portion, but no regrets, I spent it doing things I liked, sort of did not like and really not liking. The stressed outweighed the relaxing moments. Not to say it was not all worth it, because I now appreciate life in a whole different light.

With me being at a checkpoint in my life, I’d like to be more efficient at attaining my dream job goal and documenting it for you (and even my future kids).

Please enjoy- read on your way to work, before breakfast or even as your daily read at the toilet. Whatever it may be, I hope to inspire you as you inspire me by reading this.

Some things I have already done:
1. Dec. 26, 2014:
-Connected with my daycare best-friend Yin Chan on her life and being in a tech startup as a software engineer.

2. Dec. 27, 2017:
-Saw Steve Forbes of Forbes Magazine at the Hyatt hotel in NYC. Did not get to speak with him but greeted him and realize how I encounter successful people daily. We all do!
-Opened up another credit card (BOA) to build up credit.

3. Dec. 29, 2014:
-Went to a networking mixer. Met two people in tech companies (one in Amazon who has a phd in Electrical Engineering).

4. Jan. 1, 2015:
-Contacted Amazon guy.
-Applied to some jobs.
-Got some references.
-Waiting. TBD.

5. Jan. 8, 2015:
-Attended Orientation for NYC startup business plans.

6. Jan. 16, 2015:
-Applied to and referred to a small startup company (DramaFever) for marketing by my friend from Ballet classes’ sister.

7. Jan. 21, 2015:
-Connected with tech guy in a startup from Dec. 29, 2014 mixer. Thanks Joe (who was at the event) for his card! He gave me some tech tips I’ll share with you shortly!

8. Jan. 24, 2015:
-Met Steve who works at Ebay. Did not inquire about jobs but noticed he was very inquisitive, focused, spontaneous and able to adapt easily. Great traits to have to be a great leader!

9. Jan. 26, 2015:
-Phone interview with Drama Fever. I think I did well.

And those are the things I’ve done so far. Will be moving forward with point 7 shortly (looking up tech companies), following up with point 4 (Amazon reference) , and waiting on point 9 (the interview). I also have another orientation for the startup (point 5).

Hope you enjoy this read and my journey. Feel free to join me!

Best regards,

Happy New Year 2015!

Dear all,

It is a little late, but not too late to celebrate the “new year.” Besides, your life does not ever really start when it is January 1 anyway (unless that’s your birthday). It can realistically start any day, physically from the day of birth, but mentally growing always or even maturing late into life (mid 30s, 40s and 50s), and spiritually grounded well into your wiser years. In any case, 2015 has just begun and for those of you who believe in New Years Resolutions (even though I believe in goals throughout the years no matter the day), here are mine:

1. Find a marketing job in a tech company.
2. Blog diligently about my experience in the process of finding my path so others (in my shoes) may see how life is amazing and great if one sticks to her goals, or help out if already successful and have pointers. :-)
3. Do cardio 5 days a week.
4. Reach 25/50 states.
5. Learn coding skills- html, python.
6. Complete a business plan.

Wish me good luck!!

Best regards,
Cherie 💫

Buckle down on the Body

Dear readers,

Now that I’ve created a good push and foundation towards public speaking, I need to start doing the same for my body. Good habits start early and my recent obsession and phase is to get tight abs for the summer. I’ve been working a lot on my legs lately and now it’s time to hit the stomach.

I’m going to follow this picture my friend sent me:


Except since I have been working out, I’ll be starting out on Day 12 and adding 30 to each. I’ll let you know if this works and any modifications that I make.

I’m super excited!! Follow my progress on my workout blog (https://charismaticworkout.wordpress.com) or via Instagram: charismaticcherie.

Until then!
Cherie :)

Looking Back on My Goals For 2014

Dear Readers,

I’m looking back on my goals for the year 2014.
It goes back to my post called: Happy New Year Everyone!!

Here is the list in January 2014: 

1. Run a 4 mile marathon, then 5K, then 10K, 1/2, then 26K.
2. Get a 630-730 on my GMAT in March 2014.
3. Get a position at my dream company (a top hotel)!
4. Get my CC10 at Toastmasters.

And here’s the list June 2014: 

1. Run a 4 mile marathon, then 5K, then 10K, 1/2, then 26K.
2. Get a 730-800 on my GMAT in June 2014.
3. Get a position at my dream company (a top hotel)!
4. Get my CC10 at Toastmasters.
5. Travel to Europe. <–any tips on weather or purchase/restaurant ideas, let me know!

Just wanted to keep you guys updated because I know you want to be in the loop. Thank you for following and viewing!!! I appreciate you. <333


Best Regards,
Charismatic C. :)

Toastmasters International- Finished first 10 Speeches in CC Manual!

Dear Readers,

Today I finished performing my first ten speeches in the Competent Communicator Manual at Toastmasters. Wait. Rewind. What is Toastmasters you ask? Well I’m sure some of you may know, but for those who do not…let me quote: “Toastmasters International is a non-profit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of meeting locations. There are 14,350 clubs throughout 125 countries (http://www.toastmasters.org/default.aspx).” They’re obviously doing something right because these clubs require non-paid volunteers, and they started in 1924, and it’s 2014.

There are two tracks and it is about constant practice. See below:



Anyway, enough logistics, I know you want to learn more about me and how I felt. And I’m a crowd pleaser :) So ever since October 2013, I have been making about one speech a month in front of my amazing Toastmasters Club(s) (@VanderbiltClubNYC @LexingtonClubNYC), and today have finally accomplished my CC10- last speech for the CC Manual. Thanks you fellow members and most welcomed guests for listening to me for nine months!

It has been a huge learning process for me. I went from making introductory half-complete speeches to funny and inspirational speeches. I went from being shy to being “funny.” I went from being single to staying single. Haha. But jokes aside, it has been a really fun but invaluable experience. It continues to contribute to one of the best things that has happened to me this year. I would like to be a well-known speaker one day and I’m so glad that I’m a part of Toastmasters!

P.S. HUGE shout out to my mentor; without him I would not be at my CC10 today. He’s super motivational, dedicated, and always gets his facts straight. If you want to get at him (@LaurentNicourt)


P.S.S. At our club, we get gifts at the end of our 10th speeches to mark a milestone. These flowers are amazingly beautiful. Thank you so much!!! #MyFirstBouquetofJustOrangeFlowers

I’m ready for the next fiscal year- I’ll be VP of Education for my club in New York City! So if you’re in the area or interested, do not hesitate to come by.  Ready to get more people to finish their CC Manuals along with CL Manuals and much more. If you have any questions about my experience in Toastmasters, my constant love in improving my life by living it or have extraordinary comments, leave them below!

Best Regards,
Charismatic C. :)