Dear Readers,

I finally gained the courage to start and ran my first marathon.

As many of you suggested, just do it and have fun regardless of time and I am so glad that I did. Thank you for all of your encouragement and for constantly checking in/reading about my life. I truly appreciate it. Today I completed a 13.1 race and it was so surreal. A dream of mine was to complete a race since 2012.

I picked up my badge and shirt the day before. #7322~~!!




Went to sleep after work around 1AM, woke up, showered, and I was off.
At the start, I was slightly intimidated, but as I met more girls and received more information I became at ease.


I had some troubles but definitely knew I could finish, it was just a matter of when and to be quick but not faint under 3 hours out of the 4 hours that was allotted to us. I saw some women throwing up or needing an ambulance and did not want to take a health risk. So I didn’t.

I ran well in the beginning, got tired here and there, truly enjoyed the water, and loved meeting new people. From the train to the end of the line I met so many wonderful women. They were all second or third time runners and were so inspirational. They spoke as if it was impossible to not finish, something I’m not entirely used to. But I took it and I loved it. And it’s kind of like life- you’re on a long journey, enjoy those that you like, take no more, take no less, and run on. Because in the end, only you can cross the finish-line. 

Sometimes my legs felt slow, sometimes I felt held back because my toes started to swell (I have a few blisters and bruises), but at the end of my thoughts, I knew I could finish.

And as I finally saw the finish line with 0.1 miles left, I focused my mind on finishing. I saved up all my energy for this moment, like in the movies where the music gets intense. I surpassed those in front of me, women after woman. My pains began to vanish with each throbbing step, and before I knew it, I was at the finish-line. And just like that, my goal of completing not just any race but half a marathon in less than three hours was complete.


I got a metal, an apple and a bagel. It was breathtaking, took my breath away and definitely priceless. I cannot wait to do another race in the upcoming months.


Hope you enjoyed this post,
Charismatic Cherie. :)<33

Smashburger Midtown


Free burger at Smashburger who just opened! I don’t like burgers but I love openings and balloons so I had to go in. The staff was super nice (Rating:10/10). Atmosphere is between a bar and McDonalds- loud music, and simple decor (Rating: 8/20). But super large. The classic burger was okay but not out of this works (Rating: 5/5). The salad hit the spot just right (Rating: 7.5/10). Overall, great first day and good luck to them!!

Japanese Heaven


Had some St. Marks food! Two eel and avocado rolls, two California rolls and two spicy tuna rolls. Really small but full of flavor! Rating: 9.5/10 for tastes.

Then afterwards some warm treats which was perfect because it was freezing. Some octopus/squid balls (Rating: 9/10) and a Nutella/banana fish (Rating: 8/10)!

Can’t wait to do it again.

Hope you enjoyed,
Charismatic Cherie

Vincent’s Italian Restaurant and More


Delicious dinner at Vincent’s in Little Italy! The location and ambiance are perfect (Rating: 9.5/10). It was dark but not too dark and quiet but acceptably so. It’s right on a corner which is perfect for everyone. And the inside is just a historic treasure! Gold lining on the ceiling and photos throughout the restaurant gave it a very old but classy feel.

This is a norm at fantastic Italian restaurant but I just want to commend this restaurant for bringing out complementary warm bread. It’s a huge plus for me and pretty sad when some places don’t bring out any. Good bread, happy customers!

Now onto the food-

The calamari appetizer (Rating: 7.5/10) was pretty good. It didn’t seem to have a lot of oil at all. So if you’re craving super crunchy, bad for you appetizers this would not be the place for you. But overall tasted fresh and glad I had this.

I had the lasagna which was great. Apparently it is homemade. The one thing I didn’t like was that there was seemingly lots of oil, but that wasn’t a major turn off. It tasted decent (Rating: 8/10). It definitely got me full. The presentation was modern but could have been better instead of one plate on top of another. Overall however, great, the noodles we’re cook to perfection.

But that’s because the presentation for the second fish- shrimp meatballs and spaghetti was impressive. The balls were, huge! Perhaps 3 inches in diameter. I didn’t have a huge taste on this but the noodles were cooked well too. Of course I added cheese but how could I resist? I won’t rate the dish because I ate very little of it.

Lastly but not least, I’d like to comment on the service (Rating: 9.5/10). It want crowded so this was expected but the service was on par. The waiter wasn’t overbearing but knew at the exact moments when to pour water, take out dishes, etc. It was very nice.

At the end of the night tried some mixed fruit drinks in Chinatown that I’ve never had before. I loved the jelly (and chewy things in general) so couldn’t believe I’ve never had one before. Definitely would recommend it!

New workout routine of March Madness

Dear Readers,

Summer is coming up and so is my mind on wanting to increase my health.

In the next few months to both pursue my goals as well as get more fit, I’ll be working out five times a week instead of two-three.

Because of this, I’m going to start a separate workout blog. It’ll have pictures of what I eat, what I do at the gym and photos that inspire me.

Please follow!

P.S. Yesterday I started training for the 13K…and it was brutal!

Charismatic C. :)